Graeme Wood

Sun WoodWhile I was born in Vancouver in the early 1980s my  family moved to Steveston, B.C. later that decade. I  studied in the French Immersion program in high  school and went on to  to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in political science from the University of British Columbia as well as an informal degree in stocking milk from Canada Safeway. From 2005 I worked as a website and SEO strategist and a bank teller before finding a path in  journalism at Langara College. Upon completion of the  accelerated Certificate of Journalism program in April, 2008 I was hired by the Vancouver Sun where I plied the trade until November, 2010. After a short seven months working as a freelance writer I moved to Seoul, South Korea, with my family where I taught ESL, copy-edited and galavanted around Asia. As of August, 2013 I once again call Richmond home.

Please contact me if you have an idea for a story or require writing or media services.

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